Who am I?

Art, through conceptual photography, has been a key part of understanding that question for me. What began as a way of processing emotions has evolved into so much more than that. The question turns from “who am I?” to “who could I be?”

We all have potential that reaches far beyond what is seen on the surface. Composite photography pulls back the veil and allows us to see past the guise of everyday life into a world of whimsy, hope, and wonder.

My conceptual photography explores the world beyond the masks we wear. I create surreal, whimsical images with a dreamlike atmosphere and invite you into this world where imagination becomes reality and anything is possible. Won’t you join me?

I want to encourage you in your creative journey too. Feel free to send any questions about photography and compositing, or session inquiries, to info@hopelightimages.com.

Instagram: @hopelightconceptual, @hopelightimages

Facebook: HopeLight Images